Plan, Buy, Cook book by Jen Petrovic and Gaby Chapman

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Making a nutritious meal that the family actually wants to eat is one of life’s greatest obstacles. Throw in a full-time job, plus after school commitments, and finding the time to do so is near impossible. That is where The Plan, Buy, Cook Book comes in.

Created by two working mums, Jen Petrovic and Gaby Chapman, this is a book about how to simplify your life and cut down the time spent on weekday cooking by using a proven formula for success.

Gaby guides you through the Plan and Buy chapters, demonstrating how being organised, having the meal-planning know-how and using their ingenious 4+2+1 formula can be a life saver.

Meanwhile Jen, a chef by trade and home cook extraordinaire, shows you how to implement these new skills with over 80 different recipes ranging from family favourite Chilli con Carne to the simplest Falafel Fritters.

Soft cover

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